A Study On: Default ES Pistols

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A Study On: Default ES Pistols

This is part of an ongoing “A Study On” series by Kusibu about various facets of PlanetSide 2’s mechanics and balance. This article focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of the default empire specific pistols.

Let’s get right to it!

TR: TX1 Repeater

Easily my favorite out of the three, the TX1 Repeater is a rapid-fire sidearm with a (cyclic) fire rate of 845 RPM. It has the lowest per-shot damage of any of the three ES default pistols, starting at 112 damage out to 8 meters and falling off to 77 at 50 meters, but makes up for this with how fast you can unload them – the TX1 has 1,577 theoretical DPS, the best out of all default ES pistols.

In terms of shots to kill, you’ll need 9 within 8 meters (3 bursts), 10 out to about 22 (4 bursts) and 11 beyond – realistically, you should not be using this past 22 meters. Close range performance is excellent due to the three shot burst, but the recoil pattern means you won’t be plucking away at enemies from a distance.

If you wanted to upgrade, the Emperor is a decent choice similar to the VS Beamer, trading some of its fire rate for higher velocity and magazine size – but if you’re using the pistol as an emergency out-of-ammo CQB secondary, just get a laser sight for your Repeater.

NC: NC4 Mag-Shot

The Mag-Shot is a weapon focused entirely on per-shot damage – with a fire rate of 351 RPM and 200 damage before 10 meters (falling off to 112 at 60 meters), accuracy is essential. It has the highest damage out of all the ES default pistols (matched by VS’s non-default Manticore, and no TR pistols) but a very low theoretical DPS of 1,170. This is not a weapon for spray and pray.

With the damage falloff as it is, you can kill in three headshots out to about 30 meters, four out to 52, and five beyond. In terms of body shots, it’s 5 shots to kill before 10 meters, 6 shots before 30, 7 shots before 43, and you really shouldn’t use it past that.

If you wanted to upgrade, the Rebel is a solid choice – you have more 2-headshot kill range than a current Battle Rifle (true story) and it’ll accentuate the headshot-accuracy based role fairly well. You will, however, lose a bit of fire rate, which could hurt a bit. If you can afford a Desperado, it’s pretty nice, but 1,000 certs is really steep.

VS: Beamer VS3

The Beamer is a fairly dull but solid sidearm with a balance between fire rate and damage per shot. It deals 167 damage out to 10 meters falling off to 100 after 60 meters with a (semi-automatic) fire rate of 451 RPM. Theoretical DPS comes out around 1,255 – lower than the Repeater, but higher than the Mag-Shot.

The Beamer is better for spam-firing and has fairly good damage – 3 headshots / 6 body shots out to 10 meters, 4 head / 7 body shots out to around 28 meters, and 4 head / 8 body shots out to 41 meters (don’t use it past ~40m please).

If you want to get better per-shot damage in exchange for spam fire capability, the Manticore is a carbon copy of the Mag-Shot, save for the slightly lower velocity and no drop on the Manticore.

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