Pokémon GO Team Loyalty Graphics!

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Pokémon GO Team Loyalty Graphics!


As you’re probably aware, Pokémon GO has quickly grown a huge audience, captivating the youth of the world, and bringing out the child in all of us.  As you probably also know, the game has players join one of 3 teams; Mystic, Valor, or Instinct. These teams have some very dedicated members, some going as far as putting window stickers in their cars to show their allegiance.

Following the hype, I’ve created some graphics for the teams so you can show your allegiance!

Click here to download the graphics. Just click on the images you want to download at the link provided and click the download icon!

Sizes Available:

Wallpaper [2560×1440]

Wallpaper with words [2560×1440]

iPhone/Mobile [1080×1920]

Banner [2560×720]



“The leader of Team Mystic, Blanche, studies Pokemon evolution and claims they cannot lose with their utilization of calm analysis.
The Blue Team’s logo is styled after the legendary bird Articuno.”



Team Valor is lead by the Candela, who values training and strength. Candela is researching ways to enhance Pokemon’s natural power as she tries to find true strength.

The Red Team’s logo is styled after the legendary bird Moltres.”



“Team Instinct is led by Spark, who believes you will never lose when you trust your instincts. Spark studies Pokemon’s intuition, and thinks that it’s related to how Pokemon are hatched.
The Yellow Team’s logo is styled after the legendary bird Zapdos.”


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